2D-drawing display also for 3D

With ZG-View, version comparisons are simple and can be performed without CAD. Redlining allows you to mark the differences between the versions directly in the document. Reliable measurement right on the screen, saves time and money. This is why ZG-View has been the leading viewer in the automotive sector for many years.


What is ZG-View

ZG-View 5 - Your innovative viewer

With ZG-View 5, you can display files on the screen at any scale, up to 1: 1 - in the browser or as an application. You can place different versions of your files and images and compare them directly - deviations are shown in the colour on the screen (Redlining). With the available rulers you can measure directly on the screen, saving time and money. The sections you need can be printed directly from the files, but also from correctly scaled zoom sections. The open interface allows you to integrate your viewers into individual (web-) applications.

ZG-View offers many advantages in daily use, it can be used without technical knowledge. By redlining in documents, version compare with 1-3 reference points, ZG-View is an enormous timesaver. By comparing documents and scale-accurate measurements of lengths directly on the screen, ZG-view reduces costs, since expensive plotter-printouts become unnecessary. Even files larger than 100 MB and larger than A0, are quickly and efficiently visualised by ZG-View.

ZG-View allows scale-accurate printing from files or zoom sections as well as the creation and printing from variables. In ZG-View, you can edit the local files - with URLs, the files on the internet and the intranet can be edited as well. Currently ZG-View is available in German and English, the representation of text attributes of the redlining function is also possible with Japanese and Chinese characters.

  • Time saving through rapid visualization
  • cost saving
  • Comparison of different file formats (JPG, TIFF, PDF, …)
  • Scale-accurate comparsion and measurement - directly on the screen

What does ZG-View do?

Highlights and functions - from touch control and measuring directly on the screen

By inverting, mirroring, and rotating, the presentation of files larger than A0 or larger than 100 MB, the representation in any scale up to 1:1 and the overlaying of versions of a file, ZG-view allows version comparison directly on the screen. One to three reference points are used for the version comparison. The result of the version comparison can be stored as PDF and TIFF; the colour presentation is freely selectable. The stamping function is an essential part of the version comparison. The files are visualised in the formats: TIFF, Cals, JPG, GIF, BMP, LST, PDF, STL

ZG-View offers a modern "Look & Feel". Opened files are shown hierarchically in the navigation tree. To display details, ZG-View offers the zoom-in and zoom-out function with the possibility of pre-setting a fixed zoom factor. The individual window technology makes it possible to hide preview and zoom windows. Even the representation as popup window is possible. Toolbar, status bar and navigation can be deactivated in the view. When closing images, the current view is retained. The individual control of the windows (Size, position etc.) is done via ActiveX interface. ZG-View is available locally at the client or centrally at the terminal server. It is available with workstation licenses, terminal server licenses, company or group licenses or as a demo-version. The open interface architecture allows the integration of ZG-View into your individual applications. Individual menu items are integrated into the ZG-View via the DLL interface. You have search systems through the DDC/ActiveX functions. You can disable program functions via API or registry entries.

  • Innovative presentaion
  • User-friendly windows technology
  • Technically "up to date" in your IT-architecture


JT-Unterstützung und weitere neue Funktionen

Mit der aktuellsten Version von ZG-View vergleichen Sie ab sofort auch JT-Dateien.

Weitere neue Funktionen:

  • Diverse Optimierungen für 3D-Modelle
  • Anzeige des JT-Objektbaums im Navi-Baum mit der Möglichkeit, Objekte wegzuklicken
  • Neue Funktion zum manuellen Einspielen von Lizenzdateien
  • Ende des Supports einer 32-Bit-Version
  • Ende des Supports von ActiveX


Licensing variants that meet your application requirements

Depending on your application requirements, you can choose between following license variants:

Workstation license:
ZG-View 5 is used locally at the workstation (PC). To register, please enter workstation license. Our workstation licenses are single-user licences, that means you need your own license per PC/workstation.

Terminal-server licenses:
ZG-View 5 is installed centrally at your Terminal-server. To register, please enter Terminal-server license. Our Terminal-server licenses are concurrent-user-licenses, that means the number of licenses required is based on the maximum number of users who work on ZG-View at the same time – your advantage: you do not have to purchase a licence for each occasional ZG-View user.

Enterprise license:
Your enterprise license is used at your workstation or on a terminal-server. Send us a request and we will send you an offer for your enterprise license back immediately, which is based on the number of users and your company size. Demo Version:
The ZG-View 5 demo version is nearly fully usable and has no time limit. In the screen view and on print-outs there will be the hints "Demo version" and "For evaluation purposes only".

  • Workstation license
  • Termina-server license
  • Company and Group license
  • Demo version

ZG-View Demo

We have provided the actual version of ZG-View for testing in the download area.

Download area


FAQ, Help & Support

We will gladly help you!


If you have any questions or problems with our product, you can email us: support@zgview.com or phone us: Tel.: +43 316 4116 -252. We will gladly help you.

System requirements:

PC with Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, CPU min. 300 MHz, 128 MB RAM, or Windows 2003/2008 Server min. 500 MHz, 256 MB RAM, ActiveX-Control: MS from Version 9

  • Immediately help
  • Support direct by the manufacturer

Online Help ZG-View 5


Use "+" to enlarge and "-" to reduce the size of the zoom sector. With "ESC" you leave the zoom section. Now the full document should be shown.


Hint: The functions are also available in the "Zoom" menu and when clicking the right mouse button.



Delay of the zoom section

To delay the zoom section, hold the left and right mouse buttons and move the frame to the desired place.

The zoom section can also be moved by turning the mouse wheel up and down. When pressing the control key (CTRL), you can move the frame left or right when turning the wheel.


Adjust a fix zoomfactor

You can get to the "Set Zoom factor" menu by clicking on the "Zoom factor" in the task bar. If you klick there, a window will open with the menu. Now you can set the desired zoom factor. If you then check the "Fixed" checkbox, it will set the zoom which will be used in new documents as well. To disable the fixed zoom factor, deselect the checkbox again.

Hint: To set a fix zoomfactor you also can do it in the "Zoom" menu using "Set Zoomfactor...".



Delete Redlining Objects

To delete a redlining object, mark the object you want to delete with the "Select objects" arrow and right-click the object. Then click "Delete".



Browse in the navigation tree

To browse in the navigation tree, you can use the button bar or the keys "Home", "Page Up", "Page Down" and "End".


Version Comparison

To create a version comparison, check the checkboxes of the documents you wish to compare, right-click one of them and then choose "Version comparison of the two selected documents".



To compare the pages with the version comparison, you can place reference points (scanning of the pages can cause slight disorientation). To place the reference points, choose the first page. On the page there are 1 to 3 points, depending on how many reference points you use. To place them, move your mouse cursor to a reference point and press "1" for the first point, "2" for the second and "3" for the third point. Now do the same with the second page.



TTo close the version comparison, right-click the comparison and click "Close".



Here are all hotkeys in ZG-View 5:

Menu "File"



Open File


Close File




Close ZG-View



Menu "Zoom"



Enlarge zoom section


Reduce zoom section


View the whole Page



Menu "View"



Mirror horizontally


Mirror vertically


Turn left


Turn right




View Source


First page


Previous page


Next page


Last page


Go to Page



Menu "Tools"





Set measure point



Menu "?"



About ZG-View


Depending on the configuration, application-specific information can also be displayed at this point.